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The Ex Libris blog brings you the latest on Ex Libris initiatives and solutions, as well as critical articles from thought leaders on library management, linked open  ...

Hooray, We Met Our Goal!!

As I was reading my emails this morning, I came beyond an email from Stephanie who asked, “When couples break up, is it worth it to try and save the relationship? Is it even possible? And if I were to try, how would I even go about doing it?” This is a question that I...

Exodus recovery

The Liv-ex Blog provides daily coverage of fine wine market developments and trends.

New Year Spectacular “Gut Feeling” Recap

All my projects stem from my overall interest in the accord between ideas and historical change.  Our fundamental convictions about what is true evolve over time, so different human peoples in different times and places have, from their own perspectives, lived in radically different worlds with radically different rules.

Extended care

Ex Fabula came up with a great idea for two blogs: Interview and write about two ... Posted in Blog Tagged change, change for good, milwaukee blog, mke writer ...

Women Work For Change. All Kinds.

Trust me, I know the affliction of a breakup. We’ve all been through it and it’s never easy. Sometimes people think that the person who made the decision to pull the plug on the relationship doesn’t suffer but after all these years as a coach specialized in love and...

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The biggest collection of venture capital job postings and VC job tips on the web. Many of the posts and pages below are the same ones that I read during my ...

“And Our Next Storyteller Is…Sue Schoeppel!”

I was speaking to one of my clients today who is in the process of aggravating to get her ex admirer back. She’s feeling very cornball these days because she of course misses him and what they used to share when they were still happy. She’s very active on social media...

Exchange rate

Next week, Liv-ex will be releasing an in-depth report on the development of the ... As part of our series on Bordeaux 2009 ten years on, today's blog looks at the ...

From the Ex Fabula Blog:

A woman living in Santa Monica, CA got in touch with me the other day with a question that I am often asked in my one on one coaching sessions. She’s begun a relationship with a man for whom she is developing strong feelings, but there are certain elements of their...

Express scripts

On my blog, Ex Urbe, I write essays about history, philosophy, mythology, science fiction and fantasy, movies, comics, food, and other topics. I often discuss my ...

Love on The Ex Fabula Stage!

On my blog, Ex Urbe, I write essays about history, philosophy, mythology, science fiction and fantasy, movies, comics, food, and added topics.  I often discuss my research travel, especially my times in European cities including Florence and Rome.  I also post travel photography, focusing on celebrated sights and art.  Many of my essays are more accidental examinations of topics I accept been teaching or researching, means of sharing my work in a lighter and more public setting than the classroom or academic books.


Blog Library. We dedicate time to provide you with our latest tips and tools through our blog articles. ... Should You Post Pictures of Your Ex on Social Media ?

We don’t usually blog about Secret Fabulas. They’re secret…

One of the most frustrating and disheartening things that people go through after a breakup is seeing their ex dive into a new relationship. It fills your head with doubts, it sparks panic, and it makes you worry that there is nothing that you can do to turn things...

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